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A podcast about flatland freestyle skateboarding, with Tony Gale, Bob Loftin, Simon Mrozinski, and Michael Erskine.
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Feb 23, 2016

We begin this episode with a discussion of the new Bear "Polar Bear" truck, in the smallest size (105mm), which is well-suited to freestyle board width, and which Tony has procured for his own enjoyment.

I then edit out massive amounts of technical talk about trucks and bearings, and we move on to the actual act of riding skateboards and doing freestyle!

Tony is working on a very detailed review, with precise measurement, of the Bear trucks. Look for that soon on the website. 

Jan 16, 2016

Simon Mrozinski and Michael Erskine join the podcast crew.

This is an unusually short episode, due to the hour of technical talk about trucks we decided to put into a separate, supplementary episode (22-a), which will be up soon.

We briefly touch on the greatness of Mode wheels, and Bob looks forward to riding the new 95a wheels. I’m glad we have hard and softer version of the wheel, no matter what the Brits say!

Then we discuss potential dates for the 2016 Paderborn contest, as Bob tries to firm up travel plans.

Next, we discuss issue 5 of Broken Fingers: Freestyle Skateboarding Quarterly. A really great issue. If you are a freestyler, you need to be getting each issue, period. Case closed.

You even get to hear us discuss what the hell we’re gonna do with all the stuff we recorded for this episode!

Music: The intro music is Ty Segal, with the song The Connection Man. Buy it somewhere. The closing music is of course the great David Bowie with Starman. We let it play out. Crank it up and let the ethereal beauty wash over you. Thanks for all the great music, David.

Dec 7, 2015

This is our first ever holiday episode. Yes, it is shorter than the last one! yaaaaaay!

Links to check out:
Moonshine Skateboards
Broken Fingers Freestyle Skateboarding Zine

Nov 9, 2015

What happens when we don’t talk for 2 months?

Well, we talked for 3 hours. I cut this down to just under 2 hours. Forgive us, but listen to us! We discuss the Mode Mike Rogers board, flat single kicks in general, the Tyranny of Concave, Mode FS wheels, Kevin Harris FS wheels, Seismic FS wheels redesign, and lots of other stuff.

Yeah, this one is a bit long, but I didn’t feel good cutting out too much. Listen in a couple of sittings if you like, but for episode 20 I thought we’d leave it long.

Aug 9, 2015

In this episode, Tony and Bob discuss recent freestyle skateboarding events they’ve participated in and/or organized, including their fun and epic trip to the legendary Paderborn contest! Plus tales of skating in London. Fun for all! Give it a listen.

In this episode we also go on about the brilliance of Alex Foster and LateTricks…which you can find at!!!


Feb 22, 2015

Yes, we are still alive, and yes this is a new episode, and yes, we discuss the following stuff!

The opening of this episode sounds quite majestic, so play it on some good speakers.

This is kind of a long episode, so get a nice glass, cup, mug, or bottle of your favorite beverage and stay calm.

The opening music comes from a couple of Godzilla movies, and was found on The Monster Movie Music Album.  The closing music is the Bars, from Black Flag’s Slip It In album.

Apr 7, 2014

In this very long episode (We haven't talked for quite a while), Tony and Bob discuss various topics such as fingerflips, Tony's new Instagram Trick Tips, the Texas Freestyle Massacre, and various other topics.

Tony's trick tips can be found on his Instagram account:

The music in this episode is from the band Red Hare - check them out and buy their music, from Dischord Records.

Mentions in the episode: Mike Osterman skates for Mode Skateboards. Jesse Whalen is now riding for Bustin Boards. Congrats to both of these great skaters.



Dec 9, 2013

In this episode we welcome special guest Simon Mrozinski, from England. Yes, Bob is outnumbered by Brits this time. We discuss Tony’s demo at the London Edge event with Callum Bowran, Bob’s trip to the 2013 Philly Freestyle contest, and various other freestyle related babble.

In this episode we refer to Tony’s supplemental video from episode 4 – click here to see it. 

The video from the London Edge event is in two parts…

Part 1  and Part 2

May 30, 2013

Matt is on leave, while Tony and Bob discuss the upcoming (in September) Philly Freestyle event, the new 1-minute run format that seem to be gather steam, bearings, etc.

In this episode Bob mentions Pleasure Tools Bearings and Tony discusses Seismic Tekton Bearings.

Videos mentioned in this episode include…

Mike Osterman at the 2013 World Roundup.

Hippy Mike’s videos from the Roundup.

Mar 30, 2013

In this episode, after discussing various tricks, the Small School freestyle Jam (from mid March), and various other topics, we discuss the role that creativity plays in the lives of freestylers. Bob asks the boys about their other creative endeavors, and of course we relate such activities to our skating.

As promised, here are a few links:

Matt’s Stuff:
Reach Megamix (Push the Feeling).

Trick Matt discusses at :36

Tony’s Photography
on Flicker…
and on Tumblr

Some of Bob’s stuff…

The music on this episode is the Big Boys, of Austin, TX, and their song Self Contortion, from the new vinyl reissue of their album Where’s My Towel?/Industry Standard, from Light in the Attic Records. AWESOME!

Feb 9, 2013

In this episode, we discuss the four upcoming freestyle events, Bob announces that he has high blood pressure, we talk about flowing and transitioning well from one trick to another, and go over a a fun list of tricks to see who can do them.

Videos mentioned in this episode:

Guy in Zimbabwe, or other country…

Bob’s Longboarding video: 

Sean Burke’s rear-handed 180 fingerflip (grabbing the tai), as at 1:35 of this video:

Tony’s M-80 Video: 

The Kilian Martin video mentioned… 

Jan 25, 2013

In this episode, we talk about finding the right setup for how YOU ride, Bob announces that he’s learned a new trick (a rare event for the old man), we discuss learning 540 Shoveits, the boys discuss their recent skating adventures, and Bob has joined the Seismic Army.

Jan 18, 2013

In this episode, we discuss a number of fascinating topics, such as freestyle-street skating on softer wheels, Matt’s recent massive demo, possible contest in Texas, and Tony’s ramp-riding adventures and their effect on his freestyle.

Bob’s Zip Zinger Video:

Matt’s Japanse Video – “2013/1/1 Nagai Park Freestyle SK8 Session”: 

Dec 18, 2012

In this episode we interview Stefan “Lillis” Åkesson, one of the greats of Freestyle. A huge thanks to Lillis for taking time to talk to us, and we look forward to doing it again!

Nov 20, 2012

In this episode, Tony, Matt, and Bob discuss and stereotype various national and regional styles of freestyle, discuss their love of the Seismic freestyle wheels (again — Tony give an update of how they last), etc.

Sep 16, 2012

In this episode we discuss the attainment of “flow” in your skating and beyond. We are also treated to some Gokey guitar playing…

Freestyle Podcast Supplement #8: (from Tony)

If you’ve listened to it (or are listening to it now) and wondered what I was on about, here’s the material I referenced.

First, the video Matt and I discussed:

A bit on Wu-Wei that I quoted:

And finally, Zen and the Art of Skateboarding:

Aug 28, 2012

In this episode we discuss, among other things, skateboarding in the Olympics and trucks.


Jul 17, 2012

In this slightly more freeform episode, Tony, Matt, and Bob discuss various freestylers (see videos below), Bob confesses that he recently felt the anger while trying to practice, Matt’s cell phone causes interference, we hear about Tyler Self’s visit to Texas and his skate session with Bob, and skateboarding in Cuba.

Videos referenced in this podcast:

Matthew Smithies

Alex Rademaker

Darryl Grogan’s video of World Roundup Highlights

Suzuki’s video of the Ams…

Tyler Self’s latest video:

Jun 6, 2012

In this very special episode of the Freestyle Contest we are joined by kickass guest, Darryl Grogan, long time awesome skater and winner of the Pro division at the recent Freestyle World Roundup contest in Vancouver, Canada!

In the podcast, Tony mentions Darryl’s part in the Casper video. Well, here it is!

Huge thanks to Darryl for being our first guest.

May 24, 2012

In this episode we give our very preliminary thoughts on the Freestyle World Roundup that happened this week in Vancouver. We discuss some Eastern European freestyler whose name we do not know but we all agree rips (or at least did rip in the late 1980s), we talk boards, high trucks, and lastly the boys give Bob some advice on learning M-80 Kickflips.

The video mentioned in this podcast – regarding the dude riding freestyle on an 1980s street board, can be found here:

The great Ray Barbee, whom Bob mentions during the show, can be seen in classic part in Powell’s Ban This video, here:

Tony filmed a bunch of M-80 variations as supplementary material for this episode. Very nice stuff!

Thanks for listening.


May 9, 2012

In this episode, we hear about Matt’s adventures as a freestyle pro during demos in Texas (including tales of sexy girls attempting to wrestle a bull to the ground), discuss spinning 360s, Freestyle: Sport or Art?, and we have some laughs looking at old freestyle board graphics in Witter’s Museum. Please note: up until about 7:30 in the show, Matt’s microphone is a bit sketchy. Just turn it up. His story is worth hearing!

The Freestyle Museum page on the Decomposed website can be found at:

Next time we should be recapping the results of the Freestyle World Roundup:

Apr 25, 2012

In this episode Tony reveals his new setup, we analyze and discuss three excellent freestyle videos recommended by Matt (see below), Tony leads a discussion on breaking down tricks for maximum learning, and Bob leads the boys down the twisted and wrongful path of making predictions about the upcoming World Roundup contest in Canada.

The videos we discuss are as follows:

Sebastian Heupel
Jesse Whalen
Stefan Albert

Information on the Freestyle World Roundup can be found here:

Apr 11, 2012

In our first episode, Tony, Bob, and Matt introduce themselves, discuss the new Seismic and Decomposed Synnott freestyle wheels, talk about the benefits of actually rolling on your skateboards, praise the skills of the amazing Günter Mokulys, and have a nerdish discussion of the exact nature of freestyle.

In this episide, we mention wheels found on the following site:

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